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Water Saving Tips For A Beautiful Landscape

If you loathe overwatering your lawn, plants, or garden then tune into this article. It will show you ways to create a beautiful landscape in your front and back yards. These landscape water saving tips will save your landscaping even in extreme drought conditions. You will maintain plots of paradise both in the front and back of your house.


Don’t wait until the hot summer months to start planning and planting your landscapes. Begin in the spring this way you will stay out of the hot summer sun and your plants will require less watering if you plant them in the springtime. Over the springtime the plant’s and lawn’s roots will have a chance to grow deeper into the soil. You will save water and your utility bill will go down. In the springtime the weather will not be as hot and the ground will absorb the water with less or no evaporation.


You can plant drought resistant plants in your front and back yards because they naturally require less water than other plants. Once they are established they require less water and some species require no watering at all. Think about how much water this will save you.

Types of drought tolerant plants you can purchase are white fir, yucca, and sage which are naturally designed to thrive in low water conditions. Even if rain is scarce in your area or you live in drought conditions it does not matter because these plants will still grow heartily in desert-like conditions.


Invest in compost and mulch because these organic materials will help to cut down the need for watering. Start by placing compost when you plant. Then follow up with mulch and put the mulch around the plant or tree whatever you are planting. Make sure you leave space between each plant or tree and do not build mulch mounds around the plants or the trees. These two organic materials will stop water from evaporating and will reduce the need for watering.

Having experts like our lawn service team manage your lawn throughout the year will guarantee expert care of your landscape.


Take this common sense landscape water saving tip approach. Make sure you water the roots and not the leaves. Watering the root area will reduce water evaporation and it will lessen the amount of water you have to water the plants or lawn. Also, you will save the plants from fungal diseases and sun scald. Sun scald is when the plant tissue (especially bark or fruit) becomes damaged due to exposure to excessive sunlight.

You can also purchase a water drip system that will accurately deliver the water much more efficiently than a sprinkler that is bought at a hardware store. Accurate water delivery will cut down the amount of water needed to water plants, trees and gardens.


This will go contrary to conventional wisdom but you can mow your grass to a higher recommended limit which is about 2 inches for most lawn species. This in turn shades the soil and prevents water from evaporating from the soil. This will save a lot of water over the summer season. You will definitely notice the difference when you see a lower water bill.


Eliminate all leaks you find in the hose. Either repair the leaks or buy a new set of hoses if you have to. The leaks may seem like a small source for lost water but they will cost you a lot of water loss over time.

Repair any faucet leaks as well because it is estimated that one faucet leak will cost you 6000 gallons of water in a year. How much will multiple leaks cost you? If you fail to notice leaks, then hire a competent landscaper like us who will always check for leaks every visit to your home.


Install a simple rain barrel with your irrigation system because it will retain pure water that has no chemicals or salt that may damage your lawn, plants or trees. You can water your landscaping with water recaptured by easy to use rain barrels.

Finally, you can use the above landscaping water saving tips to conserve water during the sizzling summer months, lower your water utility bills and keep your yard looking like paradise. These landscape water saving tips will also prevent your yard from drying up in the hot sizzling, Summer sun.

Give us a call today to ask about how we can help you keep your water bills down with a proper sprinkler installation or repair. Or, cut out some of the space need for grass by having us install pavers.