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Are you tired of having to water your yard all the time? If so, you may want to consider getting an automated sprinkler system on your property. This is what our team does. We do professional sprinkler installation, sprinkler repairs and more!

When you have an automated sprinkler system installed, you no longer have to worry about over watering your plants or grass. You don’t have to worry about having brown patches in your lawn caused by uneven watering.

The sprinkler systems we install take care of all that (and more) for you! It will ensure your yard gets an even watering, giving you a fresh and vibrant looking yard, as well as saving you time and money. Fast effective sprinkler repair can help you stop wasting precious money!

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Leaky and broken systems are terrified to hear our names. We quickly identify the problem and execute a solution to bring your system back to life, saving you money and treating your lawn and plants right. No more leaking, no more waste. Fixing sprinklers in Modesto, Ripon, Riverbank, Empire, Del Rio and surrounding areas. Watch out leaky systems, we’re on your trail!

Our Modesto Sprinkler Repair & Installation Services

Sprinkler Head & System Repairs

If you have a damaged or clogged sprinkler, it could be caused by a number of things. You may need to replace or repair a damaged or leaking spout. The issue could be related to the timer or sensor. It could also be that a heavy storm caused damage and the system is no longer dispensing water evenly around your yard like it should.

No matter what the issue may be, our team of professionals can replace or repair and issue that your sprinkler system may be having. Oftentimes, we can repair the issue without having to replace it and install a whole new system. This can be a great savings for you.

If you have a damaged sprinkler or need some sort of sprinkler system repair, then contact us today! We’re one of Modesto’s go-to resources for sprinkler repairs.

System Maintenance

Sprinkler maintenance is often much simpler and easier than having to repair or replace a broken system. It’s a fairly straightforward process that requires looking into the sprinkler sprouts to make sure they’re grounded properly.

This preventative measure can be another way to save you time and money. Making sure the sprinkler is functioning properly is important. If your sprinklers don’t sink into the ground when they’re not in use, it’s likely that they can be damaged from a variety of factors.

We can inspect your sprinkler system to make sure everything is working properly and to help ensure it continues to work properly for years to come. if you have a large lawn, be sure to ask about our lawn service options.

Sprinkler Installation

Whenever we do a sprinkler installation in Modesto, we go through a very specific process to achieve the best results. We have an iron-clad 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

First, we measure the space and map out the best locations for the sprinklers to be located. This will ensure your lawn gets watered evenly and properly. But this is just the beginning. There are many hidden factors to take into consideration when planning out a sprinkler installation for you. We can also roll our installations in with a bigger landscaping job, cutting your costs while giving you a beautiful design.

Our years of experience give us an edge in making sure you get the best functioning automated sprinkler system possible. If you’re looking for a sprinkler system installation in Modesto, then give us a call or fill out the form on this page and let us show you what we can do for you!

Sprinkler Timers & Automation

Sprinkler timers are an important element to make sure your automated sprinkler system works properly. You can either use a timer on a remote control or there are timers available through an app that you can download on your smartphone.

Either way can work. It’s really up to you. And we can even walk you through how to set up and use the app, if you’d like to use a timer that way. The timer may need to be adjusted at different times of the year and we can help guide you to know the best timing setup for your yard.

And by the way, we are more than just a sprinkler company in Modesto. We also provide a variety of tree care and lawn services, yard cleanup, yard restoration, and even landscape lighting!

Give us a call today or fill out the form on this site to have us come out and get started for you!

Gardening Trick: Harvest Your Rain!

If you have a garden, one easy way to save on water costs during the Summer is to spend the Sprinkg harvesting rain! There are aesthetically appealing rain barrels that can capture upwards of 30 gallons. Think of all the thirsty flowers you could replenish with free rainwater!

Sprinkler Repair & System Installation FAQ's

Q: When I have an automatic sprinkler system installed, does it actually save time and money?

A: It sure does! In order to save the most, it’s important that you have a professional contractor design the system for you, based on your specific yard. This way, it can be optimized for the most efficient use of water.

It’s also important to include a rain sensor, so that when it rains, your system will shut off, which will save you more money and save more water.

Also, you’ll save time by having the automated sprinkler system working for you on auto pilot! It can even water your yard when you’re not at home.

Q: When would be the best time of year to start using my sprinkler system?

A: It’s best to prepare ahead of time before the season you would want to use the sprinklers. We usually suggest to our clients that they start using their system in February. This way, they can see if there’s any issues or problems with it.

If there are, they can be fixed before the spring, which is when most people begin to start using their sprinkler system more regularly.

Q: What’s the best time of the year to not use my sprinklers?

A: When it starts raining, you won’t have to use your sprinklers as much, if at all. Usually in Modesto, late November is when we start seeing rain, so this is usually around the time you wouldn’t need to use your sprinkler system.

Q: If it’s raining, how do I get my sprinkler system to shut off?

A: Great question. What we do is we install a rain sensor with every new sprinkler system. This way, it will detect any rain and is programmed to deactivate your system at that time. This helps you conserve water and electricity, which helps the environment as well as your wallet.

Q: How often do I need to have my sprinklers on?

A: We usually suggest turning on your sprinklers 3 days a week. We also recommend using them in the early evenings and early mornings to avoid “peak time” water use.

Q: What if I have underground utilities on my property. Will that affect a sprinkler system installation?

A: That’s a great point. We make sure we have specialists check out your property to find any buried utilities that could affect a sprinkler installation.

We have this done about 3 days before we would start our installation to make sure everything is planned for ahead of time.


Q: What does maintenance for an automated sprinkler system look like?

A: One important part of the maintenance process is the fall season shutdown. This process means the water supply gets shut off and then air pushes out the water from the sprinkler heads.

Then when spring comes around, to make sure no damage or issues have occurred with the sprinkler system, we can come by and check it out, as well as restart your system for you.

Q: What is drip irrigation?

A: Drip irrigation is when water gets dripped out of the system and goes directly to the base of your plants. This also helps save you water, as the water gets to the roots more effectively, rather than a hose or sprinkler that gets most of the water on the top part of the plant.

Q: If anything goes wrong with my automated sprinkler system, would I need to be there if you need to fix something?

A: No you don’t have to be there, in most cases. However, if you have a controller that’s not in the open (for example, in your garage), then we would need to coordinate with you ahead of time, to make sure we can still access it.

Q: How would I program my controller?

A: There’s a variety of ways you can figure this part out. Most controllers come with a manual, which you can refer to. You could also search online and find a PDF version of the manual.

Also, we could help you program it. Our team is trained to program most controllers.

Q: Does it matter when I water my lawn with the sprinkler system?

A: Actually it does! As you may or may not know, there’s “peak times” for water use and “off peak” times. It’s recommended and sometimes required that you use water in “off peak” times.

The city wants to make sure water use is as efficient as can be. Commercial water use that happens during the day is what makes up most of the water that’s used in the city on any given day. That’s why we suggest using your sprinkler system in the early morning or in the evening.

Q. How much does a good sprinkler system cost?

A. The cost of an automated sprinkler system really depends on several factors. There’s many things to consider, such as the type of landscaping and yard you currently have, the size of the property, whether you want a particular type of design, etc. If you’re 100% certain you want to install them yourself, we would recommend you take a course from Rainbird and not attempt it after watching a youtube video.

We do our best to ensure it’s affordable for you as well as a worthwhile investment that will save you money over time. A professional installation can help you minimize the amount of sprinkler repair situations you’ll have over the lifetime of your system. You should only work with expert repair professionals like us.

Now if you have any additional questions or you’d like to get a free consultation on the best automated sprinkler system for you, give us a call or fill out the form on this site to contact us, the #1 sprinkler company for an automated sprinkler system installation in Modesto!

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