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Fall Landscaping Tips

Autumn is here, that time of transition that fills our landscapes with beautiful colors, but also that time when gardeners must take action to ensure that their plants continue to maintain their health during the coldest months of the year.

Among the most inexperienced gardeners, it is very common to observe how they only remove the leaves that fall from the trees and eliminate all the flowers and dry branches that the Summer has left, which is not only insufficient but also leaves the garden totally unprotected and at the mercy of the next frost.

Below, to help you preserve the well-being of your plants during the Autumn and Winter months, we will give you a series of essential tips on how to take care of your garden and ensure that it arrives the following Spring in perfect condition.

Take note!

Aerate Your Lawn

During the Autumn months it usually rains much more than the rest of the year, causing your lawn to become saturated and unable to filter out the nutrients provided by the rain and get them to the roots properly. When we observe that this happens we will have to aerate our lawn, for which surely we will need to contract a lawn service that by means of the specialized machinery will be able to aerate our ground in depth and will maintain it healthy and full of nutrients for the arrival of the spring.

However, if we have a very small garden and we only have a few meters of grass to aerate, we can also carry out this activity through a garden fork in good condition and get to achieve the same results.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Do you want your plants and trees to bloom full of vitality and beauty when spring arrives? Then what you need is to start applying an in-depth fertilization treatment to get there.

The experts explain that by applying a slow-release fertilizer, both the trees and shrubs in your garden will be full of energy during the colder months and better prepared to cope with the low temperatures and frosts of the season.

Prune Your Trees & Shrubs

All gardening experts recommend carrying out a thorough pruning just before winter arrives, as this will allow our plants to follow their natural growth cycle without impediments and prevent them from developing wilting diseases.

Although pruning is a simple process that can be learned over the months and with practice, there are those who prefer to hire the professional services of a gardening company to analyze in depth the state of our garden and free it of any impurities.

Complete a Thorough Garden Inspection

Autumn is also the ideal time to request the professional services of a gardening company that can analyze in depth the state of health of our garden, since in this season all the plant structures can be perfectly observed and they will be able to warn us about any serious problem that needs an urgent solution.

On the other hand, if it were the case that they found a serious problem on one of our trees and it was necessary to prune it, we would also need to hire a professional tree removal service to carry it out, since this work is practically impossible to carry out by oneself if one does not have the necessary machinery.

Important things to check for:

  • If your plants are poorly hydrated and lack nutrients.
  • Safety hazards due to the risk of detachment or fracture of a tree.
  • Pests or diseases.
  • Lack of maintenance.

Plant New Trees

During the last months of autumn and the beginning of winter the perfect opportunity to plant new trees is presented, however many times you don’t have enough knowledge to carry out the planting in the right way and you need the help of a tree service to help you.

These companies are specialized in analyzing the space available in the ground to be able to place a new tree and the quality of the same one so that that new tree can get to grow of a healthy form, reason why if we want to fill our garden of new strong and healthy trees, it will be advisable to us to ask for its opinion previously.

To minimize danger it’s best to hire a tree service provider like us. We can’t wait to help you with your tree removal or planting needs.

Remove Fallen Leaves

Leaves falling from trees make our garden landscape look much nicer, but leaving those wet leaves too long on our lawn could end up being a problem.

It’s very important to remove and pile up all the leaves that fall from the trees in time so that our lawn can breathe and properly absorb nutrients, because if it’s covered with rotting leaves it will only absorb that rotting matter and make it sick.

Check Your Irrigation System

If you want your garden to stay perfectly hydrated during the coldest months of the year, you should carry out a sprinkler repair, since in many occasions the low temperatures clog them up and prevent them from spraying the water properly. Check your watering system in time and prevent its pipes from freezing, otherwise your garden will end up dry and dying of cold. Call us to help with any sprinkler repair or sprinkler installation services we can help with.