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Wondering how a beautiful yard can be yours without hours of back breaking labor, time sucking trips to Lowes and countless lost plant lives? By hiring US of course!

We’re expert landscapers that will work our butts off in the most efficient way possible. You can sit back and relax as we turn your landscape from an eyesore to a jealousy inducing oasis. 

Whether your Modesto area home needs something simple like a bi weekly lawn service, to a complete backyard rehab, design and installation, our landscape pros can help! Our landscapers have the ability to complete seemingly ruthless landscaping tasks quickly and happily. We always service our clients with a smile on our faces because we simply love what we do. Call us today to get the landscape of your dreams, or just a simple mow. We can’t wait to meet you!


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"The Modesto landscaping team helped my wife and I remove a tree that was dangerously close to falling onto our garage. They were the most professional guys we've worked with and will be hiring them for anything else we need. Thank you so much!"
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Grant F.
Modesto, CA

Our Landscaping Services

Check out all the ways we can keep your yard looking like a million bucks! We can handle jobs all over the Modesto area including Riverbank, Ripon, Empire, Ceres, Del Rio and more. Our highly trained landscape professionals will take their time with you and be courteous to everyone in your family. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain life-long relationships with our valued clients.

Lawn Service & Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is comprised of a wide range of lawn services aimed at keeping your lawn in pristine condition. Some of these services include lawn mowing, seeding, weeding, repairs, and many more. Proper lawn maintenance should be done more often during the summer since intense heat and humidity is likely to dry out plants and grass or hinder them from growing evenly. With Modesto landscaping, you can schedule monthly landscape maintenance, weekly and biweekly lawn mowing depending on your landscape needs.

Sprinkler Installation & Repair

If you need help with watering your plants and lawn during the summer, then sprinkler repair and installation services are for you. From an amateur’s perspective, watering a garden using hoses and sprinkler attachments isn’t too much work. Even though anyone can do this, it can really be annoying and tiresome to connect and reconnect hose attachments every time you want to water your backyard. Not to mention the time it takes to watch your lawn and stay consistent, and. you don’t want to use more water than necessary.

When your lawn needs more frequent watering during the Summer months it place more stress on your sprinkler systems. A faulty sprinkler system can create unnecessary over or under watering. If you notice your sprinkler system is having problems, call us today so we can come fix it. We can also install an efficient drip or sprinkler system for you to give you your precious time back for more important things.

Landscape Design & Installation

One outstanding thing about our landscape design service is that we can customize it according to your preference (space and budget). Our landscapers will not only  create a perfect front and backyard setting, but we also deliver it to our clients at affordable rates. We have exterior design experts specialized in landscaping designs and installations. So, you can always trust us whenever you want to use your space well and develop a unique and fitting design that compliments your outdoor space perfectly.

Tree Services

You don’t need to have a jungle of trees at your home to need expert tree specialists. Only a few or several trees in your yard is enough for a tree care service provider to carry out regular tree maintenance combined with other landscaping services.

Failure to prune your trees each year is the reason they can look messy with excessive dead limb buildup and broken limbs, affecting the overall health of the tree. Hiring our landscapers for a tree service will help you clear such debris, prune your trees, and keep them clean and groomed. We also offer other services like tree removal, stump grinding, and more, which depend solely on your tree care service needs.

Yard Restoration & Cleanup

Yard cleanup and restoration is another essential maintenance service that combines professional yard cleaning with landscaping service to give your back or front yard the care it deserves. This service is critical when a big central valley storm displaces the entire structure of your landscape. It also applies to disrupted vegetation on a neglected garden or a lawn and needs urgent restoration. If you have one or more of these issues, rely on our cleanup and restoration services because we deliver all the above and even more.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Landscape lighting is another unique service used to spruce up your lawn to add some dimension to your landscape. The beauty of your lawn should not be visible only during the day, which is why we help you keep it illuminated at night. We can highlight your amazing landscape taste by placing a variety of lighting types around your yard. Besides the evening aesthetic, installing lighting to your footpaths, driveway, or even your garden help in brightening up your lawn with a warm ambiance and provide safety for you and your family.

Commercial Landscaping

Apart from residential landscaping services, you can also rely on us for commercial landscaping services. So if you need urgent help, contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with quick, professional landscaping quote for your business or property. We look forward to making your business premises, government buildings, or educational institutions have a pristine look with our range of commercial services.

Paver Installation

Looking to turn that dull, dirty concrete slab in your driveway into a beautiful, awe-inducing paver stone driveway? As experts in interlocking pavers, we can create beautiful arrangements of pavers for your patio, driveway, walkways or fire pits! With multiple colors, designs and materials to choose from, you’ll love the aesthetic boost our interlocking pavers give to your home. Not to mention the added value they’ll bring to your home!

Why Hire Modesto Landscaping?


Our landscapers will arrive on time, only missing their appointments if extreme weather prevents them from completing work safely. We will always keep you in the loop.


We're not in the business of gouging our customers. We want to be your life long landscapers so we will always price our jobs reasonably.


We're not a fly-by-night operation. We've been in the business for decades, developing unmatched experience to ensure a beautiful and efficient end product.

Landscaping can look relatively easy from an outside perspective, but actually completing projects is very tough work. Why should you stress yourself out making multiple trips to Lowes, and putting your joints at risk from all of the up and down movement that comes with landscaping jobs?

Remember, some tasks are strenuous and can wreak havoc on your body. So instead of compromising your body with laborious activities, just call us for help and sit back as we professionally complete the task. There are multiple jobs necessary to create a drool-worthy landscape, which you can’t just learn overnight. Many of our landscaping clients had tried to complete a job before getting frustrated and eventually calling us.

We have been developing our skill sets for decades and understand how to finish a job quickly and efficiently. We also have the right tools and experience necessary to do any kind of these jobs effectively.

Each of our landscapers have a deep enthusiasm for all things green and it shows. We love getting dirty in the field and turning lackluster yards into gorgeous displays of  The way we interact with our fellow staff members and our esteemed clients shows our passion for this job. Besides helping our clients, we also LOVE plants and their environment as part of our nature.

Every one of our Modesto landscapers have a strong work ethic and high level of integrity. So you will never find us giving you a landscaping quote and disappear. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We communicate effectively and will never add more billed work without a clear discussion with our clients.

Summers in Modesto can get into the 100’s, so leave the hot and sweaty labor to us while you relax in the shade with a cocktail, waiting for your yard to look better than ever!

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We’re excited to meet you and help you with any landscaping project you have in mind. We currently serve the Modesto and surrounding areas including: Riverbank, Ripon, Del Rio, Salida, Ceres, Empire and more. If it’s a large job or complete redesign we can travel further.

People Really "Dig" Our Landscapers!

“These guys know their stuff! I tried to replace my sprinklers on my own from a youtube video like a dummy. Obviously I wasn’t cut out for it and messed everything up. They came right out the same day and restructured the whole system. Definitely recommend these landscapers if you want something done right the first time.”

~ Barry W. Riverbank

“I wasn’t sure what I needed but knew we needed to give our front yard an upgrade. You were so nice and patient with me which I really appreciate. Our yard looks ten times better than before and we love our back yard water feature. Letting our friends know about your team any time I can. Thank you.”

~ Lisa G. Modesto

“We’ve been having your guys come over for lawn service for years and we couldn’t be happier. Always on time and always edge my lawn better than I ever could. Our back and front lawns look pristine so thank you for all your hard work and years of help. We appreciate it. 5 stars all the way.”

~ Kevin L. Ripon